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Why Prison Connect has the lowest price on the market?

We are a new service that is interested in helping those with loved ones in prison to be in touch as much as possible without being robbed by big prison phone providers.

We feel that the phone industry has really exploited people who are in this difficult situation and has put excessive burdens on families and friends of inmates.

Prison Connect is a small company which tries to minimize all operating costs (such as having only customer support through email and chat instead of 24 hours on the phone) and that's why we can offer our service for the best price - only $7.99 per month.

We offer our customers the first week free - no obligations - to try the service.

We encourage you to sign up and see how Prison Connect can save your money while keeping you reliably connected with your loved one in prison.

Please follow the link below to sign-up for Prison Connect: https://www.prisonconnect.us/Signup

What is the Prison Connect number?

Prison connect provides you with a local number in the surroundings of the inmate’s facility. With this number, you avoid paying the long-distance rate for your calls. Instead, you pay by the minimum rate ("local" rate) that gives a substantial saving.

$7.99 is only the PRICE FOR A NUMBER. You still have to deal with prison phone providers and pay your bills. Prison Connect helps you to talk longer for less.

How Prison Connect works?

After the registration, you receive a local number near an inmate’s facility.
Each time your inmate calls this local number, we redirect a call to your cell phone. So, instead of paying expensive long-distance rates you pay only by the minimum rate ("local rate").

Step-by-Step Guide:
  1. You sign up for the service and pay a monthly subscription fee ($4,99);
  2. We provide you with a phone number that guarantees the minimum possible rate;
  3. Your loved one calls this assigned number, and connects to your or cell phone;
  4. You speak freely at the lowest rate available at your inmate’s facility.

Explicit step-by-step guide on "HOW TO RECEIVE CALLS WITH PRISON CONNECT" - https://www.prisonconnect.us/Tutorial - just click the link and choose "HOW TO RECEIVE CALLS WITH PRISON CONNECT" tab

What is the Prison Connect payment plan?

Prison Connect offers one simple plan - only $7.99 per month. This includes special number that is local to the facility that allows you to speak with a minimum ("local") rate.

$4,99 is only the PRICE FOR A NUMBER. You still have to deal with prison phone providers and pay your bills. Prison Connect helps you to talk longer for less.

There are:
  1. NO per minute charges
  2. NO activation fees
  3. NO connection or disconnection fees
  4. NO cancellation fees – you can cancel your Prison Connect account whenever you like.

How the Prison Connect Referral Program Works?

Invite your friends to join PrisonConnect and get a free week of calling. For every friend you refer to PrisonConnect you get 1 week of a free service once your friend makes a payment. We offer the lowest price for inmate calling in the USA. Invite your friends and you will save even more with PrisonConnect!

How to get the reward:
  1. Ask your friend to inform PrisonConnect he was invited by you (provide your phone number at the time of registration);
  2. PrisonConnect informs you your friend made the first payment;
  3. You receive 1 free week of service.

Sign-up and Account

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How to sign up for the Prison Connect?

  1. Go to sign-up page https://www.prisonconnect.us/Signup
  2. Enter the name of the facility; After typing first few letters you’ll see the drop-menu where you can choose the correct facility;
  3. Enter your cell phone and email address;
  4. You will receive a notification to contact the support +1 (855) 971-1121
  5. Call the support and receive the Prison Connect number;
  6. You will receive a number local to the facility you chose - that will be your new Prison Connect number, which when dialed will redirect to your cell phone, but the call will be charged at a local rate;
  7. Register the Prison Connect number with the prison phone provider (e.g. GTL, Securus, ICSolutions, PayTel, etc.) and put money on their account so that the inmate can call your Prison Connect number;
  8. Your free week starts the moment you receive your Prison Connect number. When the first billing cycle will come, you’ll be notified through a text message to make the payment of $4,99 for the next month.

Explicit step-by-step guide on "HOW TO SET UP PRISON CONNECT ACCOUNT"" - https://www.prisonconnect.us/Tutorial - just click the link and choose "HOW TO SET UP PRISON CONNECT ACCOUNT" tab.

How to manage my Prison Connect account?

You can access all your account information through the main account dashboard page; you simply need to login using your cell phone number and one time password (the one time password sent to you via SMS.

Explicit step-by-step instruction is here - https://www.prisonconnect.us/Tutorial - you should only click the link and choose "HOW TO MANAGE PRISON CONNECT ACCOUNT" tab.

What facilities do you provide service for?

PRISON CONNECT works for all federal prisons, state prisons and county jails. Our service will work nearly anywhere that a local number is needed to reduce the cost of making long distance calls.

Please go to our sign-up page and insert the name of your inmate's facility:

In case the facility is not listed in our directory, please send us a link to it, so that we will update the directory and provide you an opportunity to get a Prison Connect number for that location.

Receiving calls

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How to receive calls from a facility?

To receive calls from your inmate you must first:
  1. Give the Prison Connect number to the inmate (in a letter/email, during a visit, on the phone);
  2. Tell to register the Prison Connect number instead of your personal number with the prison phone provider;
  3. Fund the telephone account. The account needs to be funded for the inmate to make a call. With Prison Connect you will be charged at a minimum;
  4. When an inmate calls you on the Prison Connect local number the call will be connected directly to your cell phone.

Explicit step-by-step guide on "HOW TO RECEIVE CALLS WITH PRISON CONNECT" - https://www.prisonconnect.us/Tutorial - just click the link and choose "HOW TO RECEIVE CALLS WITH PRISON CONNECT" tab.

Do I still need to deal with a facility’s phone provider?

YES, you do. Prison Connect allows you to speak at the lowest rate, but doesn’t replaces the provider itself.

All calls from facility are collect. An account with a facility’s phone service provider is needed - unfortunately there is no way around it.

An account with a facility’s provider allows you to put a specified amount of money into your account. This money will be used specially for making phone calls from a facility.

How to fund a federal prison account?

In federal prisons, inmates are charged through their commissary account. Please consult the Federal Bureau of Prisons https://www.bop.gov/inmates/communications.jsp for more information about ways to set up and charge a commissary account.

Keep in mind that the approval process can take several days depending upon the jail or prison's procedure so please plan accordingly.

How to fund a state prison account?

In state facilities, the account with the jail/prison phone service provider needs to be funded to make call from the jail/prison.

Please consult the particular state department of corrections website for more details on setting up an account with the licensed provider and their local phone call rates.

Keep in mind that the approval process can take several days depending upon the jail or prison's procedure so please plan accordingly.

Can I connect Prison Connect to a landline?

No. The number can only be linked to a cell phone.

Do I need any special equipment to use Prison Connect?

No, you don’t need any additional equipment. The inmate’s telephone calls will be made as usual and you will receive them as usual, only cheaper!

I gave the inmate the new Prison Connect number, but I'm not getting calls. Why?

Please verify that you have done the following to ensure that the Prison Connect number could be dialed from the prison: set up and charged an account for the inmate.

You can test the Prison Connect number by calling it (from your home or office phone, or from any other cell phone or landline) and your call will be forwarded to the registered cellphone.

Otherwise contact our support team and we will help you.

Modifying your information

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How can I cancel my service?

If you wish to cancel the service, then you should contact our support. In the end, we’ll send you the cancellation confirmation email or SMS.

NO additional fees required.

What should I do if my inmate is moving to a different facility?

Inmate prison transfers are common, so we offer you the option to change your local number - directly from your dashboard. The cost for changing the number is $7.99, a one-time fee, and we will issue you a new local number right away.

To process the facility, change and get a new local number, you must log in to your account and press the "Change facility" button on your dashboard, then choose the new facility from the drop-down list.

To access your account, please do the following:
  1. Go to https://www.prisonconnect.us/Login
  2. Enter your registered cell phone number;
  3. You will receive a 4 digits verification code through text message on your cellphone;
  4. Enter the code when prompted on the Prison Connect screen;
  5. You will be taken to your dashboard / account details. Press the "Change facility" button on your dashboard, then choose the new facility from the drop-down list.

How can I change my number?

If you change your number, please contact the support and we will change number of the account.

Prison Connect and other providers

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Do you have any relationships with facilities’ phone service providers?

NO, Prison Connect doesn’t has any relationship with telephone service providers at any correctional facilities. We work independently to save you money on connecting with a loved one.

Why do companies like Global Tel Link or Securus tell us your service is a scam?

We started our service because we believe that communication with friends and relatives is vital for every inmate. And we are strongly opposed to any attempt to restrict this communication - legally or financially. Every prisoner should be allowed to communicate freely with his loved ones.

Companies like Securus – big telephone providers - take a lot of money from inmate’s family and friends, charging ridiculously high rates and many additional and hidden fees. They make a lot of profit by having the monopoly over the prison phone market.

Therefore, they don’t want people to use Prison Connect, because Prison Connect helps you save money, and pay less to them. You can speak more and pay less with us.

Can GTL or Securus block Prison Connect numbers?

No, this is illegal.
Prison Connect is a FCC regulated and registered telephone company. Blocking of Prison Connect numbers is illegal, prohibited by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and in violation of FCC rules and regulations.

For more information, please see: http://www.fcc.gov/document/commission-opens-door-low-cost-inmate-call-routing-services

And particularly the following paragraph:
"We deny the Petition because we conclude that the precedent cited by Securus does not authorize the call blocking practice described in the Petition. As the Commission has previously found, call blocking is largely antithetical to the fundamental goal of ubiquity and reliability of the telecommunications network. We find that this situation is no exception. This Declaratory Ruling and Order furthers the Commission's goals of ensuring the integrity and reliability of telecommunications networks."

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