Focus on your loved one, not on the phone bills.
Save up to 90% on expensive
inmate calls with PrisonConnect number.
Is PrisonConnect for you?
Do you have an incarcerated loved one, with whom you would like to speak to as much as possible?
Are you tired of receiving ridiculously expensive phone bills at the end of the month?
Do you believe the attitude toward inmates is unfair and predatory?
How PrisonConnect works
You save up to 90% on calls because of a cheaper, local rates.
Sign up for PrisonConnect
When you sign up, you will receive a PrisonConnect phone number for the facility that is linked to your cell phone number.
Give the PrisonConnect number to your loved one
Use any convenient way to give the received PrisonConnect number to the inmate (in a letter, email, during a visit, on the phone).
Add the number to the approved contact list
Ask your loved one to include the PrisonConnect number he received to his approved contact list under your name.
Ask your loved one to dial the PrisonConnect number
The PrisonConnect number will redirect the call directly to your cell phone.
Talk as long as you like
Congratulations! Instead of the long-distance rate, you are only paying a local rate* You save money on phone calls to your loved one.
PrisonConnect Priсing
The first month is free!
• No hidden fees and charges
• No setup charge
• No cancellation or early termination charge
• No credit check
• No contract

Average monthly saving for our customers
Number of minutes to receive the PrisonConnect number**
Number of satisfied customers
200 000+
PrisonConnect in numbers
The best way to stay connected with your loved one
*For inmates in state prison/county jail - you still have to pay the prison phone provider (e.g. GTL, Securus, ICSolutions, etc.) for the phone call service. We are helping to pay much less for their services.
• For inmates in federal prison - the inmate's commissary account will be charged for the cost of a local call when the inmate calls the Prison Connect number.
**In very rare cases it can take up to 72 hours to receive a number

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